Welcome to H2AD

The H2AD team have developed innovative cost effective technology to both recycle waste & recover energy from waste. This technology for renewable energy using waste as a valuable resource, is as much applicable to an SME as it is to multinational company.

This innovation from the H2AD team is, 

  • Fast rate anaerobic digestion
  • Cost effective system – Attractive return on CAPEX
  • Green energy recovery from waste
  • Tremendous impact on reducing CO2 emissions
  • Low maintenance costs – easy to maintain
  • Remote monitoring
  • Scalable to suit all company sizes
  • Small footprint
  • Modular & scalable
  • Odour control
  • Affords de-centralised energy production
  • Reduces cost & waste


H2AD cleans up waste effluents using “the power of microbes” & at the same time produces bioenergy in the form of a biogas.

H2AD design, manufacture & install the H2AD technology to generate renewable energy from liquid bio-waste in the following sectors;

  • Food & Drink
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial processing

The H2AD technology benefits your business by;

  • Giving you the opportunity to use your waste streams as a resource
  • Recycle your waste
  • Generate energy from your waste stream
  • Reduce your energy spend
  • Make revenue from your waste stream
  • Compatible with current renewables technology
  • Work to improve the efficiencies of traditional AD
  • Attractive payback time frame
  • Improve the competiveness of your business

With the ever increasing development of sustainable green, corporately social responsible business models, H2AD is a new generation of anaerobic technology making the renewables era accessible for all from small scale SME’s plants to large scale corporate plants.

“The H2AD technology provides the opportunity of sustainable business for all”