About H2AD

Micro H2AD cleans up waste effluents using “the power of microbes” 

Unlike traditional anaerobic digestion plants which require vast storage space & a minimum of 20 days to process the waste, Micro H2AD’s modular system uses a semi-continuous flow process. This means material stops in the tank for no longer than 72 hours & low temperature needed is treat waste & convert organic compounds into methane ten times faster than conventional AD processes.

Micro H2AD is a fast rate circular economy technology which allows companies to reduce their carbon emissions/footprint, treat/recycle waste & source renewable energy within 2-3 days.

Additionally, the H2AD system requires a fraction of the CAPEX costs compared with traditional AD.

The Micro H2AD technology provides the opportunity of sustainable business for all


“H2AD, the fast rate anaerobic digestion technology”

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