Cost Benefit

Waste effluent transport costs, disposal costs & Mogden charges (a cost charged by UK water companies for waste disposal depending on the properties of the waste, in particular the COD value?) may very quickly mount up for your business.

The Micro H2AD operates at the source of waste effluent production & so via product life extension, redistribution & remanufacture along with the opportunity to produce biogas & bioenergy gives you the opportunity for an improved cost benefit value.

The Micro H2AD provides you the opportunity for an improved cost benefit ratio by reducing,

Waste effluent transport costs

Disposal costs

Mogden charges

Volume of waste effluent required for disposal

The Micro H2AD payback is between 3 to 5 years

“The Micro H2AD provides opportunities for a robust circular economy business case for a sustainable competitive advantage"

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