The Circular Economy

Traditional linear economic model is to, ‘take, make, dispose’ or ‘make, use, dispose’. Such an economic model relies on large quantities of cheap raw materials & energy. Many environmental economists believe such a model is not viable for the long term when compared to the circular economic model. A circular economy is an attractive & viable alternative.

A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy where resources are used for as long as possible by extracting the maximum value from the resources while in use, then recover & regenerate products/materials at the end of each service life.


Be it a raw material producer or a product manufacturer the circular economy is important to,

Reduce waste

Design out waste

Drive greater resource productivity

Position companies/communities to address emerging resource security/scarcity

Help reduce the environmental impacts of global production & consumption

Produce renewable energy

Optimise resource yields by circulating products


The Micro H2AD technology is a driver for the implementation of the circular economy to drive forward business decisions that positively impact upon our environment.

The Paris agreement set in place very demanding global targets to tackle the environmental challenges planet earth faces. To meet the challenges ahead, developed & developing countries will need to work in collaboration. A barrier in developing countries & indeed for SMEs in developed countries is the cost of technology to recycle waste to generate renewable energy & reduce carbon emissions. Micro H2AD offers a modular, scalable & low cost solution.


The Micro H2AD technology supports the circular economy business model by treating waste & waste water/liquids including washings such that the re-use, recycle, recover & regenerate part of the circular economy is utilised. Depending on the feedstock used with the Micro H2AD technology a semi solid by product (Digestate) & further waste water/liquids may be generated in addition to the potential generation of biogas. This biogas may be used to generate energy for use at source.

H2AD allows all companies & organisations in all countries, developed or developing, irrespective of size to engage with renewable energy & reduce their carbon emissions & footprint.

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“The Micro H2AD technology permits the opportunity of sustainable business for all enterprises"

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