How We Work

H2AD take a systematic approach to deliver the effluent/energy goals for your business. The process is summarised as follows;

1. Audit

Micro H2AD will assess your complete effluent/energy status via a comprehensive audit. The audit includes analysis of effluent samples to understand standard composition & the potential biogas generation. A preliminary assessment of the potential business case is made & if positive a trial is undertaken.

2. Trial

Once the audit generates the opportunity of a positive business case, a trial is conducted at the Micro H2AD premises or on the customer site employing a Micro H2AD trial unit. The trial may run for 3 months or until such a time that a firm business case is established.

3. Sale/Lease

With the business case confirmed, a Micro H2AD system best optimised in terms of volume is sold/leased to the customer. The Micro H2AD engineering team manufacture & install the Micro H2AD system including all pre & post treatment equipment.

4. Maintain

Once the Micro H2AD has been commissioned, outputs optimised & training of the plant operatives is complete, the plant is transferred to the customer. Micro H2AD remain on hand to undertake maintenance programs.

“An innovative & systematic approach to meeting your business goals”

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