Industry Sectors

H2AD design, manufacture & install the H2AD technology to treat waste effluent & generate renewable energy from liquid bio-waste in the following sectors;

Food & Drink

The Micro H2AD technology is ideal for the treatment of the effluents from breweries, soft drinks, soft fruits & liquid foods manufacture such as;

Brewing – residual liquors & wash waters

Soft drinks – trade effluents & wash waters

Foods – trade effluents & wash waters


On farm waste effluents may be treated with the Micro H2AD technology.

Feed effluent includes;

Waste milk & cow slurry

Trade effluents & wash waters

Additionally for diary processing, effluents from milk processing may be treated using the Micro H2AD technology.

Industrial processing

The Micro H2AD technology may employed for a diverse industrial processes such as;

Bio-fuels residues & wash waters

Bio-manufacture residues & condensates

Pharmaceuticals residues & wash waters

Medical treatment by products

Reduce disposal costs, improve process efficiencies, source an income from liquid waste & generate green energy

The applications from industrial processing are diverse & if not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact the H2AD team to assess if our technology is suitable for your application.

“H2AD, the fast rate AD technology for your sector"

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